About us

Think Dog! courses are at the forefront of behavioural understanding. Our passion is to promote state-of-the-art knowledge and experience in training dogs, preventing and treating behavioural problems and helping owners and dogs have the best possible relationship.

We love sharing knowledge of our subject and believe that an integrated approach (where theory is applied to practice) is essential for all those who wish to ensure that their studies can be successfully and practically applied.

All our courses are written and tutored by experienced practitioners – we pride ourselves on our all-inclusive approach, and practice what we preach.

We have a flexible approach to education which accommodates many different learning styles, experiences and goals. Whether this is a return to study after many years for you, or a continuation of learning, you will find that Think Dog! courses couldn’t be more different from traditional ‘school work’: indeed, students can submit work in many different formats and can focus on subject areas which they find most useful. Courses are fun, inspiring – even addictive!  Whilst looking at our course details do also look at our FAQ section where you’ll find details about our course accreditation.

If your dream is to start your own behaviour practice, run training classes or simply to extend your knowledge for the welfare of your own or other people’s animals, you are in the right place!

Sarah Whitehead, BA(Hons), MSc

Senior tutor, Sarah Whitehead is an international lecturer and pet behaviour counsellor who specialises in seeing dogs and cats with behavioural problems. She has an MSc in Animal Behaviour and is a member of the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors), and a member and past public relations executive for the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers). She is also one of only a small number of specialists to have achieved the status of Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) and is an Animal Behaviour Training Council (ABTC) Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Sarah is a leading authority on puppy training, development and behaviour, aggression, and canine body language. She is the author of 24 behavioural and training books, booklets and DVDs, including ‘Clever Dog – the Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know’. Sarah appears regularly as a consultant on TV and radio, and runs a successful online mentoring and CPD platform supporting other trainers, behaviourists and canine professionals. You can find out more here: www.sarahwhitehead.thinkific.com.

Sarah runs the Clever Dog Company chain of puppy and dog training classes, all based on the most modern methods of teaching both people and their pets and has a team of 26 Clever Dog Company Method Trainers around the country using Sarah’s training methods for one to one training.

As well as animal behaviour, Sarah has a special interest in human psychology. She is an NLP Master Practitioner (a branch of cognitive psychology) and has a passion for successful strategies in adult learning and group dynamics.

Sarah lives in Berkshire, UK with three beautiful dogs – Skye, a rescued Samoyed/Border Collie-cross, Mouse a tiny rescued Chihuahua and Quill, a very handsome Kooikerhondje.



Jo Smith

Who said ‘never work with animals and children’? Well, Jo Smith likes to work with both! Based in Surrey,  she enjoys working with families and particularly with ‘Poo’s’.

Jo has two teenage children, and two dogs – her Cockapoo, Wicket, and a Papillon, called Fleur. There’s nothing Jo enjoys more – when she’s not training – than big walks with her dogs and her family.

Jo has been senior tutor for the ThinkDog! Courses for several years, and loves meeting people who share her passion for hands-on canine behaviour and training on the ThinkDog! Practical Programmes too, where she co-instructs with Sarah.

To buy Jo’s brilliant ‘Poo’ booklet head to Jo’s website – you’ll also find all of her training services listed there too: https://www.happy-hounds.me.uk/store

In the (virtual) office: Janice

Janice Eden-Bagley, Bella & Skye

It’s always nice to see who you are talking to, and for most people, the first port of call will be Janice in the HQ office.

Janice is ably assisted by her Westie, Bella.

Don’t forget – we’re here to help, so give us a call if you would like to chat.