Dog-Dog Aggression Course reading list

Strongly recommended: (You are likely to have already read many of these texts, but please refresh your memory if it’s some time ago.)

The Dog Aggression Workbook. (2007) James O’Heare.
ISBN: 9780973836936 (Amazon Kindle Edition £8.25, £15 paperback)

Fight! (2004) Jean Donaldson.
ISBN 0970562969

Feisty Fido. (2003) Patricia McConnell McConnell Publishing Ltd.
ISBN 9781891767074

The Dog’s Brain - a simple guide. (1999) Val Strong
ISBN 0953281469 (Easy-to-understand booklet. £6.00

Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training. Steven R Lindsay (2000 or 2001 or 2005) Iowa State University Press.
ISBN 0813807549. (Any of these volumes are excellent – very expensive, but worth it if you can.)

Additional suggested reading:
Please note, these are suggested publications. Some of the titles may be difficult to get hold of so don’t panic if you cannot find them to buy or borrow – however, the wider your field of reading, the better.

Dominance Theory and Dogs. James O’Heare. 2008 or 2011
ISBN: 9780973836943 (£15.99 from

Emotional Intelligence. Daniel Goleman (1996). Bloomsbury.
ISBN 055338371X

Oh Behave! Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker. Jean Donaldson. (2008)
ISBN 978192942528

The Culture Clash. Jean Donaldson 1996.
ISBN: 18880470504 James & Kenneth Publishers. (from

Mine! Jean Donaldson (2002) Kinship Communications
ISBN 0970562942

Dominance - fact or fiction? Barry Eaton 2008. Booklet.
ISBN: 9780953303946 (£6.75 from

Physiology of Behaviour. Neil R.Carlson (2012)
ISBN 0205154379

How Dogs Learn. Burch and Bailey (1999)
ISBN 0876053711