Scent Communication in Dogs (or why it’s ok to smell like your dog!)

Scent communication in dogs is so much more than just leg lifting!
In this landmark lecture, Sarah talks about how she believes dogs use scent exchange and scent marking for both affiliative and resource defence purposes.  It will rock your world!

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Fear in Dogs: to cuddle or not to cuddle?

Your dog is worried. It upsets you. What should you do to help?

For years, it’s been a trend to suggest we shouldn’t try and reassure our dogs when they are frightened, but is this really based on science? Sarah gives her view….

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Puppy Biting & Bite Inhibition

We have been told that puppies need to learn bite inhibition at an early age to be safe dogs later on.

But is that really the case? Sarah Whitehead set out to find out…. and chances are, you will be pretty shocked at her findings.

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Two-Toy Play

A step-by-step guide to teaching your dog to play with you (and bring back toys!)

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Fifteen Shades of Play

Sarah’s online seminar on dog-dog play, first presented July 2019.
1 hour and 26 mins of dog behaviour indulgence!

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