Become a dog trainer

At Think Dog we are aware that choosing an education course in canine behaviour and training can be a bit of a minefield! Many courses promise much, but it is important to know that they are offered by a professional and well-recognised organisation, have external recognition, such as Centre Approval from Laser Learning (Open College Network South East Region) – as we do – and that the course material is written and tutored by those who actually do have specialist knowledge and are actually practitioners in the field.

With this in mind, the career / interest paths below are simply suggestions which other have found to be both enjoyable and successful.

All our courses are designed to be taken as ‘stand alone’ subjects, or can be mixed and integrated to form part of a career path or interest portfolio.

New to dog ownership, or just starting out?

Your main interest: Pet behaviour counselling

Interested in running exceptional puppy classes or training classes?

Already a trainer or behaviour practitioner, looking to increase your experience and knowledge?

  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression
    Ideal for those who have already completed Think Dog Certificate/Intermediate and/or Advanced
  • Behaviour Masterclasses
    One-day speciality courses focusing on specific areas, such as Aggression, Communication signals, and Puppy problems
  • Think Dog! Practical course
    Two-day practical handling course to increase practical skills & techniques

About Laser Learning Awards (OCN South East Region Ltd)

Laser Learning Awards is a major awarding body, regulated by Ofqual, providing national qualifications and a complementary range of national and local activities, including curriculum development and locally developed accreditation.

Laser Learning Awards is the trading name of Open College Network (OCN) South East Region Ltd. LASER is proud of its history of supporting education and training providers for over 27 years and is approved by Ofqual, QAA and SIA.

Accreditation is offered at four levels, Entry, Level One, Level Two and Level Three. This means that learners on accredited programmes can achieve credits for their learning at any of the four levels. These levels are compatible with the same levels of the National Qualifications Framework, eg Ofqual. OCN South East Region, supports learning and widens opportunity by recognising achievement through credit based courses and qualifications.

Why choose an accredited course?

Accreditation is becoming increasingly important in a highly competitive world, and ensures that course structure, material, marking and moderation all exceed a strictly enforced educational standard. Make sure your investment of time, money and energy is genuinely recognised by choosing an accredited course.

We are proud that our courses, Think Dog! Certificate, Think Dog! Intermediate, Think Dog! Advanced, Dog-to-Dog Aggression, Training for the Future and Talk Dog! are accredited by Laser Learning Awards (Open College Network South East Region Ltd) – an external awarding body, which is recognised nationwide.

Our courses are accredited to exactly the same quality standards as Ofqual Units, and are judged by the same very strict external educational criteria. They are the equivalent in level and credit value and are judged as such by all industry standards.