One hour online Masterclass

with Sarah Whitehead


Positive, well-balanced play allows both parties to try out roles that they might not in less relaxed circumstances. It’s a chance to experiment, to test strengths and weaknesses and to have enjoyable physical contact. It’s also great fun, builds relationships and fosters team-building.

And yes, we're talking about dogs here!

I'll be revealing some of the groundbreaking research I've been doing on early puppy interactions, and looking at the types of play that is seen between them even from their earliest weeks – some of which is really surprising.

We'll also be getting up close and personal with play between dogs that know each other well, and between dogs that are just meeting for the first time; and looking at the integral differences between them.

I'll touch on what happens when things don’t go according to plan in play, and how to spot trouble between dogs well before (as my mother used to say!) it ends in tears.

All this, and more, in this hour-long online lecture, crammed full of videos, insight and discussion.


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