Talk Dog! Recommended reading list

Please note that prices and availability change on Amazon on a daily basis so our notes on this are for guidance only.

Suggested reading:

Dominance - fact or fiction? Barry Eaton 2008. Booklet.
ISBN: 9780953303946 (£6.75 from

Best Practice Puppy Parties – Sarah Whitehead, 2005. Alpha ISBN 0-9545515-1-6
(£12.99 from

Clever Dog: The Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know Sarah Whitehead, 2013
ISBN: 9780007488544 Harper Collins (Currently available at £8.99 from

Also useful:

Canine Body Language – A Photographic Guide by Brenda Aloff
This book is published in the US. Copies can be obtained from, or Amazon, but it may be pricey. The APDT ( has a lending library which may be of use.

Dogs - A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution
Raymond and Lorna Coppinger. (Originally published 2001)
Any edition. Can come in and out of print. Do not pay any more than £10 for this book.

Dominance Theory and Dogs. James O’Heare. 2008 or 2011
ISBN: 9780973836943 (£15.99 from

Don’t Shoot the Dog. Karen Pryor, 1985. Bantam Books
ISBN 0553253883

The Culture Clash. Jean Donaldson 1996.
ISBN: 18880470504 James & Kenneth Publishers. (from

Dog Language – Roger Abrantes, 2001, Dogwise Publishing.
ISBN: 9780966048407, Available from Amazon

Suggested observations:

Before starting the course it is often useful to practise some observational skills: watching your own and other people’s dogs out in the park, at home, at training classes or even on TV can be very useful.

If you have the opportunity, taking video footage and watching it back can also be fascinating and can train you to look for the smallest signals that dogs use to communicate.

Above all, watch how people interact with dogs. Ask yourself what dogs make of this – do they really listen to human voices, or are they watching body language and facial expression?