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Wendy Hill

Wendy Hill of the main attractions is that the workshops combine the most up to date research on the topic of the day - someone else has done all the hard work! - but also discuss and evaluate practical training solutions. No one could ever be bored listening to Sarah’s presentations... Read on...

by sarah
April 16, 2013
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Man in a wooly jumper

Simon MacSorley

simonSarah & Stella are inspirational trainers (both for dogs and humans!) and made the whole experience fun and extremely informative. Read on...

by sarah
December 27, 2011
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LAdy in pruple coat with her dog

Natalie Stephenson

natalieI learnt so much about first impressions, the risk assessment of dogs and assessing dog behaviour and it was fascinating to see the huge array of body language that dogs portray that many of us don’t even notice! Read on...

by sarah
May 25, 2011
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Lady in jeans with her dog

Lyshi Rodrigo

lyshiThe three courses I have done have given me a valuable insight to dog behaviour and training, they have given me knowledge and confidence to take my passion to another level; to teach people to better understand and train their dogs. Read on...

by sarah
May 23, 2011
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