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Billie Machell

Think Dog! Advanced

I can honestly say that the Think Dog Advanced Course, which I completed in 2001, with the Training for the Future and Think Dog Practical Courses following hot on its heels, had a significant influence on the subsequent direction of my life working with dogs.

Although I’d been assisting at a puppy class in my area, I hesitated to commit myself to a distance learning course about dog behaviour and training. Would it be right for me? Could I find the time? Would I enjoy it? These were some of my concerns.

As it turned out, I loved everything about them! The reading lists opened up a whole new world for me. The units were thought provoking and the research involved for each, fascinating. An important factor for me was how absolutely relevant the content of each course was to the work I now do. I appreciated that the feedback was encouraging and positive.

Sarah is a superb educator and communicator and this is reflected in the Think Dog Courses. Nowadays, I maintain my professional development by attending her Seminars and Masterclasses – always fun as well as educational. I’d attend more if I didn’t live in the north of Scotland!

Billie Machell DipCABT, CAPBT, MAPDT 748
Positive Paws Puppy School

Denise Nuttall

Masterclasses and Workshops

As a qualified and practising dog behaviourist it is essential that I continue to further my knowledge in this ever evolving field. This ensures that I give the best possible guidance and service to my clients.

With Sarah Whitehead’s Masterclasses this is such a pleasure to do as her courses always offer some new insight into even well known subjects.  At the end of each year I await her new courses expectantly.

Sarah oozes enthusiasm and goes that extra mile to consistently deliver the best workshops I have ever attended, and I attend quite a few each year. Sarah continues to research subjects and with the use of film enriches all her workshops. However, she never shies away from “Sarah Science” where she may give her opinion which might not be supported by scientific evidence but is based on her years of knowledge and observation.
Apart from the vast knowledge which Sarah passes on, many of those who attend are also experts in their field and a fantastic opportunity to network with experts and participate in discussion. You will also get the chance to test your knowledge in some of her quizzes which help you to consolidate what you have learned. Oh, and did I mention, the lunches are great too!

Denise Nuttall B.Sc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour, Dip CABT.

Paws In Hand Dog Training and Behaviour
Dog behaviour expert on “The Katie Martin Show” BBC Radio Solent and “Vets, Pets and Guests” on Talk Radio Europe

Bev Saucell


Beverley Saucell, BSc (Hons) DipCABT KPA-CTP

“Over the years I have attended a number of Alpha Education courses and workshops.

Each of these has proved invaluable in helping to increase my knowledge and practical skills in training and behaviour.

When Sarah started offering her Masterclasses, I immediately signed up and, for me, they have been particularly informative and thought-provoking.

The Canine Communication I and II Masterclasses were inspiring.

Sarah is truly a dog behaviour body language expert who has helped me develop a deeper understanding about dogs.  Her insight into dog body language enables you literally to see into dogs’ minds.

Sarah’s Masterclasses are inspirational and I always come away seeing things more clearly from a dog’s point of view.

The Masterclasses are small and intimate allowing in-depth discussions and Sarah is adept at encouraging you to really engage with the topic.  The variety of courses available and the expertise of the speakers mean that I always check out the Alpha Education programme when planning my calendar of CPD courses to attend.

This is high level education in bite sized chunks.”

Beverley Saucell, fetchpets.co.uk

Simon MacSorley

Think Dog! Practical Course

“I recently attended the two-day Think Dog Practical Course run by Sarah Whitehead and Stella Bagshaw.

Sarah & Stella are inspirational trainers (both for dogs and humans!) and made the whole experience fun and extremely informative.

Having recently embarked upon the Think Dog! Certificate course, I felt it was important to compliment this with some practical application and this course is ideal for this as it is packed full of useful information including a lot of “hands-on” work with the rescue dogs. You need to take a notepad to make sure you capture all the advice and knowledge.

Sarah & Stella succeed in making the two days so rewarding by combining theory, practical training and temperament assessment together with a healthy dose of good humour and their passion for dogs really shines through. It is immensely rewarding to see a dramatic change in some of the dogs in such a short period of time.

The course is very much geared to what you want to get out of it and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions or just to pick the brains of the experts.”

Man in a wooly jumper

Bea Bevan

Think Dog! Certificate

I enrolled for the Think Dog Certificate, excited but nervous having not studied for several years.  This course appealed to me as it examines leading modern behavior theories and practice.  A home study based course with a flexible learning schedule was perfect for me.

Think Dog far exceeded my expectations and I have enjoyed every single minute of it.

Valuable instructions are provided, including highly motivational study guidelines for essay writing and time management.

Sarah and her team are most approachable and readily available for support on the telephone or by email.

The encouragement to be free thinking and to question, develop and explore my own ideas whilst improving my understanding of the learning process of dogs has been important to me.

I feel stimulated and inspired to continue. The course is accessible and valuable to anyone who wishes to personally develop their canine understanding and Think Dog!

Natalie Stephenson

Think Dog Practical Course

”I must write to express my thanks for the fantastic Think Dog Practical course I attended recently. It was wonderful to gain hands on and practical experience with the dogs from the rescue centre and highlighted to me how completely different it is to work with an unknown dog with whom you haven’t forged a bond.

Nothing you read in a book can compare with the experience of handling dogs in person. I learnt so much about first impressions, the risk assessment of dogs and assessing dog behaviour and it was fascinating to see the huge array of body language that dogs portray that many of us don’t even notice! The course also showed the wonders of clicker training and proved to me how simple and effective this reward based method of training is. The course was fun to do, in a relaxed environment and very enjoyable thank you.”

LAdy in pruple coat with her dog

Fran Hill

Think Dog Certificate

Fran HillHi there my name is Fran, I am a true canine enthusiast who’s looking to further my career in the wonderful world of dog training. I have recently completed the Think Dog Certificate course and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Alpha Ed and Clever Dog Company for making the experience so enjoyable.

I haven’t done anything like this before, all my experience of dog training has been on the job so I really didn’t know what to expect, but I am pleased to report that this was a great experience that I enjoyed so much, that I have just enrolled onto the Think Dog Intermediate Course to further my education. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to broaden their knowledge of the fascinating subject of Canine Behavioural Training.

Lyshi Rodrigo

Think Dog Intermediate, Think Dog Practical and Training for the Future.

”I have been passionate about dogs for as long as I can remember! Always lived with at least one in my life but I didn’t get seriously involved with training and behaviour until I got my rescue GSD seven years ago.

I have been reading and watching dog training programmes for a while when my Husband surprised me by enrolling me on ‘Think Dog – Intermediate’ at Alpha Education as a birthday present last year. Since then I have completed two more courses; Think Dog Practical and Training for the Future, with Alpha.

Needless to say I am hooked on these courses now and keep coming back for more! They are fun, informative and most importantly practically applicable and useful theories that make you think. I especially like Alpha courses because they steer clear of traditionally harsh approaches to dog training and focus on how dogs learn and how we could use that knowledge to have a better relationship with our dogs.

The three courses I have done have given me a valuable insight to dog behaviour and training, they have given me knowledge and confidence to take my passion to another level; to teach people to better understand and train their dogs. They have made me a better informed dog owner. The Tutors led by Sarah Whitehead are excellent and I will definitely enrol in more courses in the future.”

Lady in jeans with her dog

Wendy Hill

Masterclasses and Practical Workshops

Wendy Hill

Before becoming a full time trainer and behaviour advisor, increasing and gaining knowledge was crucial in many areas, and then recently with some years experience, the challenge is to keep up to date with research and developing ideas.  I’ve found Sarah’s training events invaluable throughout.

With a full time training business and competition agility dogs, finding time to look through the latest ideas on so many areas of canine behaviour is really difficult. One of the main attractions is that the workshops combine the most up to date research on the topic of the day – someone else has done all the hard work! – but also discuss and evaluate practical training solutions.  No one could ever be bored listening to Sarah’s presentations, and the guest specialists have also proved to have a sense of humour as well as passion  for their areas of expertise.

A great bonus is that as well as excellent content, the days are very enjoyable as numbers are limited and the atmosphere is informal, so everyone feels confident to ask relevant questions and feel involved.  Whether as a committed owner, budding professional or experienced trainer I can thoroughly recommend Sarah’s workshops as a source of inspiration and knowledge.

Wendy Hill