Denise Nuttall

As a qualified and practising dog behaviourist it is essential that I continue to further my knowledge in this ever evolving field. This ensures that I give the best possible guidance and service to my clients.

With Sarah Whitehead’s Masterclasses this is such a pleasure to do as her courses always offer some new insight into even well known subjects.  At the end of each year I await her new courses expectantly.

Sarah oozes enthusiasm and goes that extra mile to consistently deliver the best workshops I have ever attended, and I attend quite a few each year. Sarah continues to research subjects and with the use of film enriches all her workshops. However, she never shies away from “Sarah Science” where she may give her opinion which might not be supported by scientific evidence but is based on her years of knowledge and observation.
Apart from the vast knowledge which Sarah passes on, many of those who attend are also experts in their field and a fantastic opportunity to network with experts and participate in discussion. You will also get the chance to test your knowledge in some of her quizzes which help you to consolidate what you have learned. Oh, and did I mention, the lunches are great too!

Denise Nuttall B.Sc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour, Dip CABT.

Paws In Hand Dog Training and Behaviour
Dog behaviour expert on “The Katie Martin Show” BBC Radio Solent and “Vets, Pets and Guests” on Talk Radio Europe

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