Billie Machell

I can honestly say that the Think Dog Advanced Course, which I completed in 2001, with the Training for the Future and Think Dog Practical Courses following hot on its heels, had a significant influence on the subsequent direction of my life working with dogs.

Although I’d been assisting at a puppy class in my area, I hesitated to commit myself to a distance learning course about dog behaviour and training. Would it be right for me? Could I find the time? Would I enjoy it? These were some of my concerns.

As it turned out, I loved everything about them! The reading lists opened up a whole new world for me. The units were thought provoking and the research involved for each, fascinating. An important factor for me was how absolutely relevant the content of each course was to the work I now do. I appreciated that the feedback was encouraging and positive.

Sarah is a superb educator and communicator and this is reflected in the Think Dog Courses. Nowadays, I maintain my professional development by attending her Seminars and Masterclasses – always fun as well as educational. I’d attend more if I didn’t live in the north of Scotland!

Billie Machell DipCABT, CAPBT, MAPDT 748
Positive Paws Puppy School

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