Lyshi Rodrigo

”I have been passionate about dogs for as long as I can remember! Always lived with at least one in my life but I didn’t get seriously involved with training and behaviour until I got my rescue GSD seven years ago.

I have been reading and watching dog training programmes for a while when my Husband surprised me by enrolling me on ‘Think Dog – Intermediate’ at Alpha Education as a birthday present last year. Since then I have completed two more courses; Think Dog Practical and Training for the Future, with Alpha.

Needless to say I am hooked on these courses now and keep coming back for more! They are fun, informative and most importantly practically applicable and useful theories that make you think. I especially like Alpha courses because they steer clear of traditionally harsh approaches to dog training and focus on how dogs learn and how we could use that knowledge to have a better relationship with our dogs.

The three courses I have done have given me a valuable insight to dog behaviour and training, they have given me knowledge and confidence to take my passion to another level; to teach people to better understand and train their dogs. They have made me a better informed dog owner. The Tutors led by Sarah Whitehead are excellent and I will definitely enrol in more courses in the future.”

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