Training for the Future: Recommended reading list

Please note that prices and availability change on Amazon on a daily basis so our notes on this are for guidance only.

Strongly recommended!

Dominance - fact or fiction? Barry Eaton 2008. Booklet.
ISBN: 9780953303946 (from

Best Practice Puppy Parties – Sarah Whitehead, 2005. Alpha ISBN 0-9545515-1-6

The Puppy Class - an Instructor’s manual, Pam Mackinnon

Clever Dog: The Secrets Your Dog Wants You to Know Sarah Whitehead, 2013
ISBN: 9780007488544 Harper Collins (from

Additional suggested reading - excellent and fun!

Reaching the Animal Mind Karen Pryor
ISBN 9780743297769 (2009) Scribner Book Company

Dominance Theory and Dogs. James O’Heare. 2008 or 2011
ISBN: 9780973836943 (from

Don’t Shoot the Dog. Karen Pryor, 1985. Bantam Books.
ISBN 0553253883

How Dogs Learn. Mary R Burch and Jon S Bailey, 1999. Howell Book House.
ISBN 0876053711

The Culture Clash. Jean Donaldson 1996.
ISBN: 18880470504 James & Kenneth Publishers. (from

The Intake Class - an Instructor’s manual. CC Guard. 2000. Alpha.

The Clicker Class – an Instructor’s manual, Sarah Whitehead, Alpha

Dealing with People you Can’t Stand, Rick Brinkman & Rick Kirschner, 2002, McGraw-Hill.
ISBN: 0071379444

The Motivation Movie DVD – 37 min DVD by Jo Hill.
ISBN: 053281493 (from