Think Dog!™ Certificate

Our most popular canine behaviour course.

Think Dog! Certificate in canine behaviour and training

Course details:

This unique and applied canine behaviour course, based on John Fisher’s original course, but regularly updated by Sarah Whitehead, provides a sound foundation on the subject of dog behaviour and training. The course is online – home-study based, illustrated throughout, with accompanying video and audio material.

The course represents the cutting edge of modern behaviour theories and practice.

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Instalment options:
For your convenience, we accept payment in three easy instalments. Please note that there is a small admin fee for paying by instalments – so you can save money by paying in full.  

What you will learn:

Module One:

  • A brief history of dog training
  • Social evolution of the domestic dog
  • The secrets of the domestic dog
  • Challenging the dominance myth
  • If it’s not dominance, what is it?

Module Two:

  • Canine behaviour and influencing factors
  • Recognising and understanding health, diet and the influence of stress
  • The influence (positive and negative) of training methods on canine behaviour

Module Three:

  • Learning theory explained
  • Punishments versus rewards
  • Early learning
  • Factors affecting learning
  • The concept of clean clicker training
  • Clicker training step-by-step
  • Clicker training demo

Module Four: 

  • An introduction to canine aggression
  • Why do dogs choose aggression?
  • Causes, effects, management and resolution
  • On-leash versus off-leash aggression

Module Five: 

  • Shades of grey!
  • Sarah’s behavioural problem solving techniques for common issues, including chasing, stealing and jumping up
  • Real-life case history presented on video
  • Fear in dogs
  • How to approach a training session or consultation
  • Why your first driving lesson wasn’t on the M25!

Unique course features:

  • Illustrated, up-to-the-minute online course notes
  • Webinars and audio guides from Sarah included
  • Videos of live training clean clicker training sessions
  • Video material demonstrating a real case history
  • Self-assessment and downloadable Certificate on pass and completion

Who is this course for?

This canine behaviour course is for anyone who wishes to further their own knowledge of dog behaviour and training, either to expand their skill base or as the start of a whole new career. It focuses on experience and understanding, not simply academic theory. Many professionals – including Sarah – started with this course and recommend it as a result.

It really is life-changing education!

If you want to become proficient in helping others resolve issues with their dogs and design a future for yourself that is both compelling and achievable, there’s no better place to start.

“It is rare that a course can change your life – but ‘Think Dog!’ really did change mine! Whether you are looking for a better understanding of your own dog, a way to enhance your career, or ways to improve animal welfare, this course is truly inspirational.”     JG, Berkshire.