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Think Dog! Intermediate

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Develop your ideas and understanding

Sarah Whitehead’s Think Dog! courses are synonymous with excellence and knowledge in the field of canine behaviour and training.  We are proud to invite you to take up an exclusive opportunity to continue with Think Dog! Intermediate. This is the follow-on course to the Certificate which you have nearly successfully completed.

In the Think Dog! Intermediate course you will explore the link between cognition and behaviour, body language and emotional states, and learning and training, as well as learning how to structure a behaviour consultation and work with owners to create effective change in their dogs’ responses.

It is the ideal way to progress and develop your ideas and understanding. Fully accredited by the OCN at Level Three.

As you are nearly a graduate of the Certificate course, we are pleased to offer you a special discount of £25 on your Intermediate course fee. This offer is only open to you for the next 28 days, and is based on you starting the course within the next three months.  To purchase click on the Buy Now button and enter and apply the promo code 'c0ngrat5' to the Promo Code box on the order form.

Remember – your discount is only available for the next 28 days, so if you’re like me and there’s a risk that this invitation may get accidentally hidden in your inbox, click the Buy Now button, or give us a call NOW!

This offer is only available to those who have nearly completed the Certificate course and so is not available directly from our website or online booking.

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